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JM Spider Plus Insulation Installer in Peterborough, Ontario. PKB Insulators, insulation contractor applying JM Spider Plus Fiber Glass Blow In Insulation. JM Spider Plus Blow In Fiber Glass Insulation. A Commercial Insulation Contractor from KB Insulators applying Spray Foam Insulation to a commercial building.

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JM Spider® Plus Blow-in Fiber Glass Insulation

Volume Discounts for Building Professionals

Financing available from KB Insulators

KB Insulators provides architects and contractors with professional insulation services that enable faster project completion. We offer volume & loyalty discounts.

KB Insulators is a licensed dealer installer for Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company. Johns Manville's Spider® Plus Blow-in Fiber Glass Insulation reduces drying time allowing installation of vapour retarder much earlier than traditional blow-in fiber glass insulation products.

JM Spider® Plus fibre glass blow-in insulation, now featuring interlocking fibre technology, is the next evolution of the JM Formaldehyde-free™ insulation family. Interlocking fibre technology allows the fibres to spring and lock into cavities with no adhesive or netting. This complete coverage results in superior thermal performance and sound control. A simple installation that’s typically faster than other spray systems and unprecedented drying times, JM Spider® Plus saves professional installers time and money on every project.

How fast does JM Spider® Plus Insulation Dry?

Installed as recommended, JM Spider® Plus needs no drying time.

Standard practice is to install JM Spider® Plus insulation with 10 percent moisture or less — a lower moisture content than you’ll find in most new wood framing. That means you can put up a vapour retarder or gypsum board without waiting, and without worrying about trapping excessive moisture in the wall, no matter what the humidity or temperature outside*.

* When installed in framing deeper than 2x6, allow 24 hours drying time before installing a low-permeability vapour retarder like polyethylene.

JM Spider Plus Fiber Glass Insulation Applications

  • Thermal and Acoustical Insulation of
    Interior and Exterior Walls and Ceiling/Floor Assemblies (with stud or joist cavities).
  • Wood-frame construction
    Residential homes and light commercial buildings
  • Metal-frame construction
    Residential and commercial buildings
  • Manufactured homes
    Modular or manufactured housing
  • Engineered-wood construction
    Assemblies framed with 305 mm (12") to 488 mm (19.2") on-center cavities.

JM Spider Plus Fiber Glass Insulation Installation

Equipment for JM Spider Plus insulation is engineered for professional use and provided to all JM certified contractors. Installation benefits include:

Air & Sound Resistance

With up to 30% better air resistance than competitive products, Spider Plus achieves R-15 in 2x4 and R-24 in 2x6 walls and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 43 in a standard 2x4 wood-framed wall to achieve Grade 1 installation.

Formaldehyde-free™ & Low-Dust

The Formaldehyde-free™ and naturally mold-resistant clean-fiber insulation produces minimal dust during installation and features a quicker jobsite cleanup compared to other spray-in systems.

No Shrinking or Settling

Spider Plus works well in all types of building cavities, filling interior and exterior walls, floors and cathedral ceilings more completely with no shrinking or settling. Simply spray and shave for a full, quick cavity fill.


it uses minimal water to install quickly, and dries fast for same-day drywall installation — saving time and money.

JM Spider® Plus Specifications Compliance

JM Spider Plus insulation meets ASTM C764, “Standard Specification for Mineral Fibre Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation”, CAN/ULC-S702 "Standard for Mineral Fibre Thermal Insulation for Buildings" (CCMC listing 13212-R) and all building code fire test requirements for concealed and exposed insulation.

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We take immense pride in our work and guarantee prompt courteous service and ensure a clean job site when we leave. We treat your project the way we would want our own treated - with respect. Bottom line is we care.

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Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Crack Repair

KB Basement Technologies

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Crack Repair

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Commercial Insulation Services

Duct, Pipe & Commercial Insulation Services

Spray Foam Insulation ServicesSpray Foam Insulation is an excellent solution for commercial insulation. KB Insulators provides Commercial Building Insulation, Fire proofing & Sound proofing insulation, Pipe & Duct insulation and more.

Our Commercial Insulation Clients

Baskin Robbins Kinark Family Services Lucky Strike Lures Superior Propane
Community Living Peterborough JJ Stewart Motors Fleming College Doughty Masonry

Spray Foam and Attic Insulation Services

Spray Foam Insulation and Attic & Blown Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation ServicesSpray Foam and Attic & Blown Insulation are our specialty. Spray Foam Insulation is typically applied to walls, basements, crawlspaces, ducts & more. Blown in insulation ideal for attics, ceilings, and wall insulation.

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