KB Insulators, over 40 years experience.

Water Resistant

Roxul Insulation does a great job of not absorbing moisture like some other batt insulation options out there. This comes in handy especially for those who live in wet areas.

Heat Proof

If there is a flame of any kind, Roxul Soundproof Insulation helps keep everything safe by cutting down the spread of a flame is definitely a huge advantage of this insulation as well as being tested up to 2150 F, which is warmer than a typical house fire.

Even if the insulation does catch on fire, it will not blaze or give off gases that might do more harm than good. Its really the best insulation that is safe to use if the worse happens.

High Sound Absorbency

Sound control in any building takes effort. This insulation is very popular form people who want to make sure that everything is controlled inside and out. This insulation can help out walls that face both inside and outside. This means TV noise on the inside from wind noise on the outside is completely controlled.

Environmentally Friendly

No one wants to invest in insulation that is not environmentally friendly in today’s world. The stone wool is very friendly for the earth, and it is a reusable and recyclable item.

Easy Installation Process

At KB Insulators we take the time to ensure that the product is installed correctly and in a timely manner.

We take immense pride in our work and guarantee prompt courteous service and ensure a clean job site when we leave. We treat your project the way we would want our own treated – with respect. Bottom line is we care.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation can improve the energy efficiency of any building, whether it be your home or cottage, a large multi-unit residential or commercial building.

Spray Foam Insulation is ideal for : basements, crawlspaces, under slabs and interior and exterior walls

Blow-In Blanket system is a state – of – the art insulating system utilizing specially manufactured fiberglass blowing wool installed in floors, walls, attics, or ceiling behind a mesh fabric

Sound Proofing

Soundproofing materials and sound blockers keep noise from traveling through walls and floors from one space to another. Here at KB Insulators, we use Roxul safe n sound. A product that is water resistant, heat proof, high sound absorbency, environmentally friendly and has an easy installation process.  Its all about mixing quantity with quality to achieve the best insulation for your needs.